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Mount Carmel - College for Girls


School-exams-in-progress-002YEAR 11 GCSE SUMMER EXAMS 2017






ATTENDANCE FOR GCSE EXAMS IS COMPULSORY. EXAM DATES CANNOT BE CHANGED. If your daughter fails to attend an exam she will not obtain a grade and you will be invoiced for the examination fee unless a medical certificate is provided. For example, each exam paper would cost you between £20 to £30 and more for AS level exams.

Your daughter should arrive at College and be in the Quadrangle at 08:30am for registration for any morning exams, and she should be present in the Quadrangle at 13:15pm for any afternoon exams. If your daughter arrives late for her exam, we have the right to refuse entry into the exam room.

Your daughter is required to wear full school uniform during her exam otherwise she will be refused entry into the exam room.

Your daughter must bring the correct equipment with her to all exams. For all exams she will be required to bring 2 black ink pens, pencil, eraser and a ruler. However, for Technology exams she will also be required to bring coloured pencils, a compass and a protector. We will not be providing any equipment for students.

She MUST NOT bring her calculator for the Mathematics A Paper 1 (Thursday 25th May), as this is non-calculator paper.

Also she must NOT bring her mobile phone or any digital gadgets inside the exam room. A water bottle is allowed but without any labels. Calculators must NOT have any covers and pencil cases must be transparent.


GCSE Results Day Letter