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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Future First

If you used to attend Mount Carmel please sign up to our new Alumni network!!
Mount Carmel has signed up with 'Future First' so that we can build a community of former students to help support our current students at the college.
Future First works with school leavers like you and helps to keep you connected with Mount Carmel. There will be opportunities to educate, inform and inspire current students at the college about what they could go on to do. Basically, to share your experiences of the wider world!
There may be other opportunities to become a governor, fundraiser/donor, a work experience provider etc...
Future First collects your contact information and uses it to allow us to stay in touch. Future First is a charity, so they won't give your contact details away to anyone, so you won’t get any annoying calls.
You’ll just get the odd text or email so you’re still connected to the college and your teachers are in the loop about how you are doing.
We want you to sign up to the network and it only takes a minute!
If you're interested hit the link below...

If you would like more information about Future First, please check out their website...