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Mount Carmel - College for Girls


The internet is an amazing place. You probably use it most days for research, socialising or just to have fun. When you imagine how many billions of people are using the Internet at any one time, you could say that overall it is actually a pretty safe place. However, the Internet does have a few pitfalls and people especially young people need to be aware of them in order to use it confidently and safely.

For more information on supporting young people online please click here.

To view an E-safety presentation for parents click here






The Parent Zone

Join the Parent Zone along with teachers, social workers, policy makers, amongst other professionals, to help families get the best from the web.

Our range of workshops on the day includes:
• Bullying- is it an epidemic?
• Anonymity online.
• Gaming- good or bad?
• Engaging parents with social media.
• Learning disability, Autism & the internet.


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Parenting in the Digital Age

To find out more about Parenting in the Digital Age please click here


Free Computer Protection Software

Install anti-virus software
Without proper protection from viruses, you're leaving your computer at risk from all manner of threats. Thankfully, there are a number of free anti-virus programs out there to regularly scan your computer, and if you keep it updated, you should be safe from the newest viruses:

Microsoft Security Essentials

Grisoft AVG Free



Install anti-spyware software

If you use the Internet regularly, it's worthwhile having some anti-spyware software installed. They work by scanning your system for known spyware and adware components, and letting you delete them if any are found. You can even schedule the software to scan while you're sleeping.

Windows Defender