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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Outdoor and Extra Curricular Learning

Outdoor and Extra Curricular learning supports academic achievement through  projects, as well as the development of 'soft' and social skills. It can take place on school trips, on visits in the local community or on school grounds. These events promote active learning through direct personal experience and offer excitement, fun and adventure within a framework of safety.

Challenging experiences will impact powerfully upon a young person’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and moral development. It contributes to personal growth and social awareness developing skills for life in preparation for the world of work. Qualities such as, a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured. There is also a great deal of intrinsic enjoyment and satisfaction to be experienced from participation in these activities.

Below are some examples of the regular external activities our students have had the opportunity to take part in.  

Anti Bullying Week

KS3 students took part in Anti Bullying Workshops provided by 'Action Works', a leading Anti Bullying charity.

The workshops focused on identifying bullying, how to handle bullying and highlighted the dangers of cyber bullying. The workshops were very active, involved lots of student participation and generated a wide range of questions and ideas.

The event is along side assemblies, competitions and a focus on anti bullying in lessons this week. In addition, staff and students are wearing the blue Anti bullying wrist bands to show our communities' commitment to raising awareness of bullying and aiming for a bully free school!

Upward Bound Programme

Upward Bound is a Saturday Programme run by Cambridge Education at London Metropolitan University. It is an academic programme focussing on the core subjects English, Maths and Science. It also incorporats a more variable curriculum with units such as, Poetry Slam.

Students are recruited at the end of Year 9 and the programme runs through Year's 10 and 11. All students are invited to apply for a place. They are selected for the programme based upon an interview and how much we think they will benefit from it.
They attend a week long residential in Year 10 and 11 building on their confidence and team building skills. At the end of Year 11 a graduation takes place and students who have excelled on the course are invited to attend a week long visit to a University in Boston, USA. 


Cardfields Study Centre

Every year a group of 30 students make the trip to Cardfields Study Centre in Essex to spend the weekend working on improving their English and Maths. The students selected are those who we want to ensure achieve that all important C grade in English and Maths. They are accompanied by teaching staff and spend a day and a half doing intensive work in networked classrooms.
The visit is a lot of fun as well, with students sharing dormitories of between 5 and 8 beds in the comfortable and fully catered centre. Evening activities provide a welcome break from study and students have full access to the beautiful grounds and facilities.
Students who take part always feel that this event improves their confidence in these core subjects prior to their examinations.


Trip to the National Gallery

The Art department took Year 10 GCSE students to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery as part of their research into the work of artists.

The students looked at the work of portrait artist Jonathan Yeo, who recently completed portraits of Malala Yousafzai and Doreen Lawrence.




Duke of Edinburgh Award

On June 16th 2013 Mount Carmel Students successfully completed their bronze Duke of Edindburgh award at Ashdown Forest.The trip included 6 hour walks each day guiding themselves using their map reading skills. Students also had to set up a camp over night, setting up their own tents and cooking a meal.


Stock Market Challenge

Five, year 9 students went to participate in the Stock Market Challenge at City University, London; a course sponsored by HSBC.

During the event students experienced, through a simulated game, how a stock market operates and the factors that influence the stock price; they also dicovered  the best time to buy and sell stocks and shares. A presentation was laid on by students and teachers of City University explaining the various courses they offer and their requirements.

The course was helpful for students planning to study business and economics. As a participant school, Mount Carmel was given a one year free access to online resources to the Stock Market game. This was a very useful resource for students as it helped them to understand the practical implementation of their academic knowledge.

Year 10 Trip to Pevensey Bay

Year 10 geographers spent a day on the Sunshine Coast to consolidate their understanding of coastal management strategies. A talk was held at the Environmental Agency where they were told about a variety of coastal defences in place to protect the southern coast of England from erosion and flooding. They visited Birling Gap where the cliffs are eroding so quickly people are loosing their homes into the sea. They had a very enjoyable day out and the girls were a credit to the school.


 Year 11 Trip to Covent Garden


Year 11 geography students have been working
hard on their controlled assessment this half term. On 21st of October Miss Leach, Miss McGowan and Ms Doogan took all year 11 geography students to Covent Garden to complete their controlled assessment. All pupils complete several fieldwork methods and were a credit to the school when asking questionnaires to the general public. A brilliant day was had by all and luckily we didn't get too wet in the rain! Well done girls!





 Step into Dance Spring Sharing







Rivers Of The World Art Project

20 year 8 Art students from Mount Carmel were chosen to work on the Thames Festival ‘Rivers of the World’ Art Project in June 2016. The project consisted of 2 Art workshops, led by professional artist Shona Watt, who taught students about the October Plenty festival. Part of this festival involves a character dressed up in a costume made from leaves and fruit. The students worked to create a mask based on this theme and were then photographed wearing the mask. These photographs were put together by Shona to create a collaborative piece of art work.
This work is being displayed outside the Tate Modern on the South bank of the Thames during the Thames Festival in from 1st-30th September this year. Alongside our banner will be a banner from our partnership school Chitendre Secondary School in Zambia