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Mount Carmel - College for Girls


MacBethMount Carmel Students Perform Macbeth at the Unicorn Theatre

Sixteen of our students were star performers at the Unicorn Theatre in a performance of   “Macbeth”. The performance was part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival which also featured three other London schools.

The festival organisers praised the quality of the students’ performance whose excellence was summed up by a member of the audience who commented “I have never been so scared of the witches in the opening scene of this play before!”

Rivers of the World Art Project 2013

Year 9 Art students from Mount Carmel were chosen to work on the Thames Festival ‘Rivers of the World’ Art Project in July 2013.

The project consisted of 2 Art workshops, led by professional artists Caroline and Edward, who taught students the skills of montage, paper craft and techniques such as ‘quilling’.

The art work theme was based on the River Thames and the idea was to create a mythical creature that may live in the Thames! The creature was to be in a ‘steampunk’ style, which is a mixture of Victorian machinery and animal parts.

Each individual creature created was then photographed by Caroline and Edward and they will create a large banner which will be displayed as part of the Thames Festival in September.

The Mount Carmel art work was on display outside the Tate Modern from 20th August to 15th September 2013. Alongside our banner was a banner from our partnership school Government Girls High School Kala Gujran from Jhelum City in Pakistan.

Click on this link to view more of the student work

Sahar Meets Michelle Obama

Oxo-PicIn October 2009 I entered the Black History Month essay writing competition where the prize was a trip to Washington DC; the trip revolved around black history which was the theme of the competition.

During February 2010, I spent the week in Washington with nine other secondary school students who had won the competition in their schools. Luckily, everything went according to plan despite the massive snow storm which had hit DC only two days before. On the first day of the trip we visited a Baptist Church where we met a group of American young people. We spent two days at two different high schools and met some really lovely people.  We shadowed a student in both schools and saw how different American schools are compared to British ones. We also visited historic monuments, universities and museums in the capital including the White House.

The highlight of the trip was meeting Michelle Obama. We spent an hour with the First Lady and asked her several questions about her life and how she grew up. She reiterated several times that to succeed you need to put the work in; she was extremely down to earth and stunning in person. The trip inspired me to work hard and was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ll never forget!