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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

MyBnk Application Form for year 8's

MyBnk is an educational charity, working with young people to build their knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their money effectively and making enterprising choices. Mount Carmel presently participates in MyBnk-in-a-box, which is one of the many programmes run by MyBnk.

Students' financial awareness is increased when they join MyBnk, as they are encouraged to save regularly, gain incentives from saving and reaching targets and get the chance to apply some of the maths they learn in the classroom to their daily encounter and use of money. The MyBnkers who operate the Bnk are given the opportunity to put into practice their mathematical skills while performing their duties and at the same time, developing their social skills in serving customers.

To view updates on mybnk events please click on the link below.

Mount Carmel's MyBnk provides an accessible place to save regularly and interest free loans to set up enterprises. It’s the first ever FSA approved independent online and in-school banking scheme. Run throughout the year, the bank embeds finance and enterprise learning, with structured incentivised Savings and Loans Challenges.

MyBnkers at JP Morgan

On 30th May 2014, year 8 students attended a MyBnk meeting at J.P. Morgan in their Canary Wharf office geared towards promoting and developing financial education among our young people.

We were the only school at the function and the host, presenters and others in attendance were very impressed with the manner in which our students conducted themselves and relate to the environment they were in.





MyBnk AGM and Mini Festival-

The MyBnkers went down to the MyBnk offices in Brick Lane on Saturday 21st June 2014 for this year’s mini festival and barbeque. During the event, the students took part in various workshops such as African drumming, Lyric writing, Photography and Money-robics.
It was a wonderful atmosphere and the students all had a fantastic time.