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Mount Carmel - College for Girls


Literacy Initiative

At Mount Carmel we want to encourage students to read more by making reading fun and pleasurable. Research tells us that reading for pleasure promotes and develops self-confidence and self-awareness.  Students who read for pleasure are more likely to engage more readily. The literacy focus objective across the whole college community is to promote, support, nurture and affirm the learning and development of Mount Carmel students.



Mount Carmel is a reading (for pleasure) college. Everyone has the opportunity to develop a life-long love of reading, become confident readers and be able to express ideas and share opinions in all forms of literacy.



READING- All students should read everydaySPEAKINGAlways use full sentences
  • You should read for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Everyone reads during tutor time.
  • You should read out loud regularly in lessons.

Begin with phrases such as:

  • In my opinion...
  • I believe that...
  • I disagree because...
  • The composition of the painting suggests...
  • The equation tends towards...
  • The top predator in the food chain is...
  • The main reason why William became King is...
  • This links to the previous idea because...
  • The evidence suggests that...

WRITINGExtended writing must be in paragraphs

Literacy Display- All classrooms are literacy display rooms

  • Paragraphs must be used in all extended writing.
  • There should only be one idea in each paragraph.
  • In addition, you should use the connectives on the displays to signpost the development of the idea throughout the paragraph.
  • The paragraph should end with a summary sentence which sums up the one idea the paragraph has developed.
  • The 5 strand literacy policy must be on display in every classroom. 
  • Topical key word lists should be present in all classrooms.
  • All departments should contribute a list of subject specific resources that will be available in the classroom or LRC for students to use.
  • Classrooms should display customised subject specific literacy posters for each unit of work.
  PRESENTATION - Make it neat and clear, and do all corrections


Sam Enthoven whose titles include The Black Tattoo and Crawlers and Local illustrator and story writer, David Lucaslead the Greenaway award, sharing his wonderful book ‘Grendal’ with 60 primary school pupils.

The LRC is a great space where students can explore and discover the wonderful world of reading, and are actively encouraged to get involved in LRC literacy initiatives which run throughout the year, such as The Power of Poetry, Yr 7 Reading for Pleasure Book Club, Carnegie Book Club, Unheard Voices, BHM Young Voice, Book Buzz and much more.

Once again this year, on Thursday March 5th, Mount Carmel will be celebrating WORLD BOOK and National Poetry Day (, on Thursday 2nd October.

All students and staff belong to ( the LRC web based library system. This is a platform where everyone can create their own homepage and upload book reviews, read book recommendations, network with others and share reading experiences. Book Trust Bookbuzz, is a reading scheme in which all year 7 students receive a free book. Also, this year, The Kate Greenaway and Carnegie Islington Borough Event took place at Mount Carmel on Monday 23rd June. Special guests included authors David Lucas and Simon Enthoven.



Lesley was up against the likes of Little Britain and Britain’s Got Talent star David Walliams for the prize of Islington’s favourite books for teens.

Candy Gourlay’ Writing Challenge

The challenge was to write a few paragraphs, dialogue or poem from the point of view of this tribal boy were he taken out of his normal world. Message from Candy...

I am pleased to let you know that the winner of the Tribal Boy writing competition is A Tribal Boy's View - I was impressed by how the author immersed herself in the point of view of the tribal boy. Also about how she described a scene with detail and particularity ... and in verse, reflecting on how these tribal people must have reacted to the preaching of missionaries.


For the third year running the Yr 7 Reading for Pleasure Book Club has been a positive experience for  all involved with feedback suggesting, once again, that students have gained in self-confidence,  enhancing their ability to be expressive and proactive in subject areas across the curriculum, demonstrating the link between ‘reading for pleasure’ and ‘attainment’.