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Mount Carmel - College for Girls



The mission of the Music in Secondary Schools Trust is to transform the lives of children and young people through music

The MISST Trust has provided each year 7 student at Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls with an instrument and music lessons, thus enabling students to study,  play and perform in ensemble and orchestral groups.


As a result:

  •  discipline and commitment to learning will improve
  • the skill of working in a team and a large group will be developed
  • academic attainment will increase


All of the new year 7 students are given an instrument in the autumn term, either a flute, violin, cello or viola 



Every Thursday and Friday morning there are rehearsals in the hall from 8am. The students have shown amazing commitment and dedication to the MISST project with up to 25 students showing up on a given morning for extra rehearsals. 




December is one of the busiest months for the music department.

It took a lot of hard to get the choir of 80 students and 15 staff ready for the Annual Carol Concert in St Gabriel’s Church. Students from Mount Carmel joined the students from St Joseph’s Primary school and parishioners from St Gabriel’s for an evening of Carol Concerts and we raised money for Richard House, a local Children’s hospice.

10 novice flautists performed Silent Night at the Carol Concert which was very impressive as they had only had 10 lessons by this stage of the programme. 

On 6th January 2016 a group of Mount Carmel singers will join the National Youth Orchestra to perform at Highbury Grove.

Our year 7 and year 8 orchestra have been invited to perform at New North Academy on 20th January 2016. This is an exciting opportunity to join the New North Academy orchestra and perform a range of pieces together.