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Mount Carmel - College for Girls


The LRC is the Heart of the College. It belongs to the students and staff of the college and exists solely to serve their needs. It is a safe, nurturing and stimulating space where students are encouraged to explore, discover and learn.



FRIDAY   7.45AM – 4.30PM


Ms Collins (LRC Manager)

Ms Duncan (Admin Assistant)

The LRC can accommodate around 90 learners at any one time, as well as support research and reference enquiries. The space consists of 36 computers and 28 laptops. 



Throughout their journey at Mount Carmel, we encourage students to take responsibility for their learning. 21st century employers value independent learners who have progressed successfully from Secondary Education, through further education at College, and then on to Higher Education at University. Independent learners take their skills forward into the world of work and lifelong learning. Working in the LRC outside lesson time helps our students develop independence. It gives them experience of planning and managing their own work, researching and recording away from the classroom. Coming into college early or staying behind at the end of the day provides opportunities to complete homework in a quiet and safe working environment.


The LRC has many books which include a genre of fiction, nonfiction and reference. There is a selection of short reads, graphic novels and anthologies. Resources are selected with the aim of supporting literacy initiatives across the college community.  Reading activities run throughout the academic year, such as BOOKBUZZ, YEAR 7 READING FOR PLEASURE BOOK CLUB, READING BUDDY PROGRAMME, YEAR 9 DARK PARTIES BOOK CLUB  and CARNEGIE BOOK CLUB with a number of ongoing spoken word and poetry workshops. Visit the LITERACY INITIATIVES to find out more.


Students are encouraged to visit the REVISION AND CAREERS GUIDANCE VLE where there is a wealth of information and resources regarding revision tips and techniques, wellbeing during exams, advice on careers and courses and much more. YEAR 9 PROGRESSION is a transitional period when KS3 students make informed choices about which subjects they would like to study in addition to the compulsory examination subjects.


At Mount Carmel we want the students to have the opportunity to be Young Entrepreneurs and to express their ideas, energy, inspirations and creativity by getting involved in Enterprise. For the past three years Mount Carmel has been award the prestigious High Impact award. Visit ENTERPRISE to find out more.


This is a space where students can share their creativity, inspirations, thoughts, and ideas, through words, art and photography. At Mount Carmel we want to encourage and support the students to express themselves by contributing and sharing their work within the college community.


'Lightning' by Lesley Cheetham with Year 7 and 8

Lesley Cheetham, local author and winner of the Islington Teen Read 2014 will be visiting Mount Carmel in May 2015 to find out what Year 7/8 students think of her new novel ‘lightning’ which we are reading during the timetabled English lessons. Lesley has an enthusiastic fan base here at MC because of the success of her first novel, ‘Her Sister’s Voice’ which won her the prestigious Teen Read Award 2014. The sequel is ‘Her Other Voice’ and she is now writing the third book of the trilogy ‘The Real Voice’. Carina Abreu came up with this winning title by taking part in a competition last academic year, so when you see ‘The Real Voice’ on sale in Waterstones you can remind yourself that it was a Mount Carmel student who came up with the title

Anita Loughrey - Year  8 Interactive Starstruck Book Club

Anita’s visit to Mount Carmel Catholic College for girls on 9th February was a fun packed, interactive workshop which included art, drama and ‘rapping’ believe it not! Anita Loughrey’s starstuck series is a must for striving readers.

Questions from Sara Grant – Identity and Freedom

Sara visited Mount Carmel to meet the Year 9 book club members on 17thDecember. The theme of Dark Parties is about how far someone will go for the price of freedom. 

Prior to her visit, Sara sent a video message asking the following questions.

What identity mark would you create for yourself to symbolise what freedom looks like to you?

What would you stand up for? What issues are important to you? What would you do for the price of your freedom?” Students expressed their identity through art and created their vision of Homeland, the setting for the story and what it would be like to be a revolutionary. Sara will be visiting again in May when the year 9 reading groups have completed the book.