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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

GCSE Spanish

Course Outline

You will be studying 6 different topics

  • Lifestyle
  • Relationships and choices
  • Leisure
  • Holidays
  • Home and environment
  • Tourism 

How you will be assessed

At GCSE level you will be assessed in the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


GCSEs are becoming linear.

The GCSEs have adopted a linear format from September 2012.

Controlled assessments still feature in the new linear GCSEs and the content and format are unchanged. However, centres will only be able to submit the required students’ assessments, marks and samples at the end of their GCSE course.

The linear changes mean that all controlled assessments must be externally marked or externally moderated at the end of the course in the summer series.

The speaking controlled assessments will continue to be teacher marked and AQA moderated. The controlled assessments for writing will remain AQA marked.

However, teachers can still set tasks at convenient and suitable times during the course programme. They also still determine the number of tasks that their students undertake although the specifications only require two speaking and two writing controlled assessments.


Unit 1 Listening

Unit 2 Reading

Unit 3 Speaking

Unit 4 Writing

20% of the marks

20% of the marks

Controlled Ass.

(externally assessed)

30% of the marks

Controlled Ass.

(externally assessed)

30% of the marks

Foundation Tier - 30 min

(+5 min reading time)

Higher Tier - 40 min (+5min reading time)


Tier 30 min

Higher Tier50 min

Students submit for moderation two tasks

Students submit for marking two tasks


Post 16 progression:

Successful completion in GCSE Spanish will allow you to have a range of options if you wish to progress to a level 3 (AS/A2) but you are required to have a minimum of C grade at GCSE.

With GCSE Spanish you can continue to do AS French.

We believe French or Spanish is the language that will give you the most choices later on in your studies or your career.

Career Options

Employees often look for people with language skills. Courses connected with travel and tourism, leisure, marketing and business are particularly highly rated.

If you want to carry on with French or another language you will have to do GCSE first.  GCSE in a language is an important qualification for many careers. We have a national shortage of people who can offer a foreign language.  Learn one while you can.