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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

GCSE Religious Education

Religious Education encourages and develops critical thinking, challenging us to think more about our spiritual lives, our values, and our behaviour. It prepares us for life in a pluralist society and deals with the Ultimate questions. Opening minds and equipping students with knowledge, the ability to debate contemporary ethical issues and to be engaged in evaluative and analytical processes is central to our work. Religious Education provides the students with opportunities to practice the skills involved in making decisions about moral problems, decisions which will impact upon their adult lives. The course is not designed to make students religious; it is about enabling them to think for themselves about religious and moral issues. It prepares them for life.


Course Outline

In Years 10 & 11 you will follow the specification for Edexcel Unit 3 and Unit 10.
This includes study of the following topics:

UNIT 10 – Year 10

  • 10.1 Beliefs and Values
  • 10.2 Community and Tradition
  • 10.3 Worship and Celebration
  • 10.4 Living the Christian Life

Areas of consideration will be: -

  • The meaning and importance for Christians, of believing in God as Unity and Trinity
  • The meaning and importance of Christian beliefs about sin and salvation
  • The meaning and importance of Christian teachings on the love of God and the love of others
  • How love of God is expressed in the life of a religious community
  • How love of others is expressed in the life of a religious community
  • How a Christian Church shows love of God and love of others in the local area
  • The meaning and importance for Catholics of the Church as the means to faith and salvation
  • The importance of the Bible
  • Different Christian attitudes to celibacy of the clergy
  • The meaning and importance of the Sacraments
  • The meaning of the Eucharist in different Christian Traditions
  • Christian Festivals
  • Christian Vocation
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Ten Commandments

UNIT 3 – Year 11

  • 3.1 Believing in God
  • 3.2 Matters of Life and Death
  • 3.3 Marriage and the Family
  • 3.4 Religion and Community Cohesion

Areas for consideration will be: -

  • Why some people believe in God and some do not
  • Beliefs about life after death
  • Abortion and euthanasia
  • Living together, marriage and divorce
  • The influence of religion on family life
  • Gender and religion – The place of women in Christianity
  • Religion in a multi-faith and multi-ethnic community
  • Religion and the problem of world poverty

Assessment – 100% Examination

2 x 1 ½ hour examinations; one in Year 10 and one in Year 11.

Assessment will be through a one-and-a-half-hour examination. The examination will be divided into four sections and students will be expected to choose one of the two questions set on each section, i.e. four questions in total. Each question is sub-divided into four parts structured on an incline of difficulty.