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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

GCSE Physical Education  

GCSE Physical Education requires students to develop their knowledge and understanding of physical education and physical activity, including:

  • how and why people take part in physical activity
  • exercise and fitness
  • personal health and wellbeing
  • practical performance in physical activity.

Students will also develop their knowledge and understanding of how a healthy, active lifestyle contributes to the growth and development of body systems (including the cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory and skeletal systems) and general wellbeing.


Course Outline

The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills required for success in future education and employment in the sport, fitness and health industries. Students will learn both the practical and theoretical components of PE by completing classwork, practical coursework and an exam based on a range of sports activities including fitness training and games.  

Unit 1: Healthy, active lifestyles

  • cardiovascular system
  • respiratory system
  • muscular system
  • skeletal system

Unit 2: Performance in Physical Education

  • Player/participant
  • Official
  • Officials in sport
  • Leadership in sport
  • Analysis of performance in sport


Skills required:

  • 100% participation in PE lessons
  • Attendance at least one PE club / sport outside of school
  • Positive attitude towards PE / sport
  • Ability to work well as a team member
  • Motivation, enthusiasm and confidence



GCSE PE requires studying two units:

Unit 1

The theory of physical education



Unit 2

Practical performance in PE




Post 16 progression

Successful completion of the course provides the knowledge, understanding and skills for students to continue to academic qualifications including AS / A-level PE.


Possible Careers/employment pathway

This robust academic and practical qualification will help to prepare you for further education and eventually, a range of careers in the growing health, fitness and sports industries including sports coaching and physiotherapist.



Please see Ms Quirke for more information