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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

GCSE History

GCSE History is more than the study of famous dead people. History is about asking questions of the people and events of the past. If you study GCSE History you will be using a whole range of investigative and judgmental skills as well as learning about crucial events in the history of the twentieth century – crucial events for people who were just like us.

Course Outline
Year 10 students will study the following in the first year of the GCSE

  • The Causes of World War One
  • The Treaty of Versailles and The League of Nations
  • Hitler’s Foreign Policy and its role in causing World War 2
  • These will be examined in Paper 1 of the GCSE in 2013.
  • The USA 1919 -29
  • The New Deal in the USA 1932 – 41.

These will be examined in Paper 2 of the GCSE in 2013. Coursework will now be completed in school in examination conditions. It is now known as a CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT.

Paper 1
Exam = 1.45 minutes 60 marks / 37.5% of the total.
- Students to answer 3 out of the 6 questions on international relations
Paper 2
Exam = 1.45 60 marks / 37.5% of the total.
- Students to do 1 question from section A (in our case) either/or

  • USA 1919-29

- Students to do 2 question from section B (in our case) either/or 

  • Civil Rights
  • New Deal

Controlled Assessment
One of the following:

  • British People at War
  • Britain at War
  • Britain and the Aftermath of War
  • Changing role and status of women since 1900

Post 16 Progression
GCSE History is a well-respected qualification as is shown by its inclusion in the English Baccalaureate. A good GCSE History grade shows sixth form colleges that students have the intellectual ability and skills to succeed at studying ‘A’ Level History, Politics, Philosophy, Religious Education and Philosophy.

Career Options
All levels of the law, a whole range of administrative posts, print, television and radio journalism, all levels of the civil service, teaching, cognitive and behavioural therapy and journalism.