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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

GCSE Geography

Geography is about the study of local issues that you are faced with and how these issues are linked to wider global issues. Geography is a subject through which topical issues relevant to young people’s lives are dealt with such as poverty, natural disasters, population change and sustainable development. Geography gives you an opportunity to look at issues from different points of view, make decisions and have your own opinion. Geography is a dynamic and living subject and helps students develop skills needed for the future.

UNIT 1: (37.5%)

Physical Geography

Restless Earth

The study of plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes.

9 weeks

The Coastal Zone

The study of coastal landforms, processes and coastal management.

9 weeks

Living World

The study of ecosystems, deserts, rainforests and deforestation.

9 weeks

UNIT 2: (37.5%)

People and the Human Environment

Population Change

The study of people, population growth, managing populations and migration.

9 weeks


The study of national and international tourist patterns and its impact on the environment.

9 weeks


The study of globalisation, transnational corporations, energy demand and global food production.

9 weeks

UNIT 3: (25%)

Local fieldwork investigation

An investigation based on a local study

An investigation based on a local study and completed at school under controlled assessment conditions. Students have to produce a piece of work 2000 words long. Students complete the work during Geography lessons and are given 20 hours in total to complete it.

6 weeks

The course builds on the foundation of Geography studied from Years 7 – 9 and includes six main units of work and a local field work investigation. The units alternate between physical and human geography.

Examination - 75% of the final mark

  • Paper One: Physical Geography (37.5%) – 1 hour 30 minutes exam
  • Paper Two: Human Geography (37.5%) – 1 hour 30 minutes exam

Controlled Assessment - 25% of final mark
You have 20 hours to complete the assessment under controlled conditions.

Post 16 progression
Geography is a well- rounded subject. It explores issues that touch upon many subject areas, making it a versatile subject.

Career Options
Geography is extremely useful for a wide range of careers. It covers such a broad range of issues so it is a good basis for any career. Geographers who specialise further could go into environmental management, journalism, weather forecasting, climate change analysis, civil service, teaching, population analysis, planning, the travel and tourism industries, hazard prevention, etc.