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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

GCSE Art and Design

Fine art is work that is produced as an outcome of students’ personal experiences, observations and ideas and this course involves exploring and developing ideas and creative skills.

During the course you will explore different themes and work in sketchbooks to show evidence that you have researched the theme, developed ideas and creative skills.
Sketchbooks are very important and must show that you have explored the theme of the given project. You will use your sketchbook as evidence that you have experimented with different materials, techniques and ideas; researched the work of artists and have an understanding of the formal art elements, such as tone and texture. You will visit an art gallery as research for your theme.

You will also produce ‘Final pieces’ in a range of materials including painting, drawing materials such as oil pastels, collage, printmaking, photography, sculpture and alternative and mixed media. These will be displayed in an exhibition at the end of your course.

Two Hours Homework needs to be done each week, part of which you can attend Art Club on Wednesdays after school. Homework is given relating to the themes you are studying. You should only choose Art if you really enjoy it, and of course enjoy drawing, painting and working independently on ideas.

Course Outline
From September of Year 10 to January you will be working on your coursework and will produce 4 final pieces and 2 sketchbooks during that time.

The coursework is 60% of the GCSE mark
The exam is worth 40% of the mark

Post 16 progression
With a GCSE in Art and Design you can go on to do BTEC, AS and A-level courses in Art and Design, Photography and many other creative subject areas.

Career Options
Designing and illustrating books, magazines, products, clothes, buildings, furniture and jewellery, textile design, wallpapers, carpets, shoes, accessories, exhibition design, film stylists, window dressers, theatre and film backstage artists, interior design, animation films, cartoon artists, photographers, advertising, fashion design, landscape architecture and hairdressing.