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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Religious Education Key Stage Three

Religious Education encourages and develops critical thinking, challenging us to think more about our spiritual lives, our values, and our behaviour. It prepares us for life in a pluralist society and deals with the Ultimate questions. Opening minds and equipping students with knowledge, the ability to debate contemporary ethical issues and to be engaged in evaluative and analytical processes is central to our work.

Religious Education provides the students with opportunities to practice the skills involved in making decisions about moral problems, decisions which will impact upon their adult lives. The course is not designed to make students religious; it is about enabling them to think for themselves about religious and moral issues. It prepares them for life.



YEAR 7- Students will look at Christian stories and their meanings, the Nativity, the person of Jesus and his mission, the Pentecost and the spread of Christianity. In addition with the study of other faiths.

YEAR 8 - The students will study the Creation story, God’s covenant with Moses and the people of Israel, The Mass (structure and meaning), The Paschal Mystery (trial, suffering death and resurrection of Jesus, The Church and its arrival and spread in Britain.

YEAR 9 - Will study Spiritual Quest (how we find God), about the Gospels, The Holy Spirit and the gifts given at Confirmation, Vocation, Morality and Conscience and basic facts of Islam and Judaism


One homework a week.

Curriculum Enrichment

KS3 Debate Club
Tuesdays 12:55 – 1:15
Wednesdays 12:55 – 1:15
RE Drop In Sessions Monday - Friday