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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Physical Education Key Stage 3




YEAR 7 - The Physical Education curriculum is designed to inspire all pupils to participate and succeed in a wide range of physical activities. It is a compulsory subject for all students. In year 7, students have one double lesson each week and study a broad range of topics. 

Students in year 7 cover a broad range of activities in PE including:

  • outwitting opponents in games (e.g. Netball, Football, Rounders & Volleyball); 
  • accurate replication of actions in gymnastics; 
  • exploring and communicating ideas in dance; 
  • performing at maximum levels in athletics; 
  • solving problems / challenges in swimming, lifesaving & outdoor activities 
  • exercising safely and effectively to improve health, wellbeing and fitness.

Students also develop their sports leadership skills i.e. communication, teamwork and problem solving.

YEAR 8 and 9 - Pupils study a broad range of topics within the key concepts of: competence, performance, creativity and healthy active lifestyles. They are also encouraged to develop their sports leadership skills.

Activities studied include at least four of the following:

  • Outwitting opponents in games (e.g. Netball, Rounders & Volleyball);
  • Accurate replication of actions in gymnastics;
  • Exploring and communicating ideas in dance;
  • Performing at maximum levels in athletics;
  • Solving problems / challenges in swimming, lifesaving & outdoor activities exercising safely and effectively to improve health, wellbeing and fitness.


Homework in Year 7 will be set regularly each half term and will include setting targets, designing coaching resources, and learning rules or terminology for various activities. In Year 8 and 9 a termly project is set and is linked to activities studied.


Clubs take place from 3.30 – 4.30pm in a wide range of activities including Dance, Rowing, Gymnastics, Football and Netball. The clubs programme changes termly.

We enter various leagues and competitions throughout the year. Students will participate in inter-form competitions and our annual Sports Day.

Students may be selected enter borough competitions in Indoor Rowing, Netball and Athletics. Successful students might also be selected to represent Islington at the London Youth Games.