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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Music KS3



YEAR 7 - From September 2014 there were big changes in the music department here at Mount Carmel. We were one of 6 schools who pioneered a model for school improvement with Music education at its heart. This exciting musical programme, which will continue this year, is run by the Music In Secondary Schools Trust: The Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme.

The aim of the programme is to give every child in year 7 an entitlement to study a classical instrument for a minimum of 3 years as part of their compulsory curriculum. We will provide classical music lessons for the whole year group and ensure students play and perform in ensemble and orchestral groups on a regular basis.

An enhanced music curriculum will continue to be provided for students who display interest, motivation, commitment and talent.

The instruments Mount Carmel is now offering are cello, viola, violin and flute. The programme has a second element which is the ‘Singing For Success’ strand. Each lesson will begin with vocal warm ups and songs, focusing on quality singing resulting in whole year group assemblies.

Year 7 students are expected to rehearse with the Mount Carmel MiSST orchestra from January and there will be an opportunity for extra support twice a week from 8am.

Last year the year 7 students made incredible progress and they were invited to perform at several events in the community. In May of 2015 our students performed at the Barbican alongside world famous violinist Nicola Benedetti.


YEAR 8 - Music lessons in year 8 are very practical with an emphasis on making music. Students learn the elements of music and basic notation but focus mainly on learning the instrument that they have been given through the MiSST project. We also follow the ‘Singing for Success’ programme which develops students’ vocal skills through ensemble singing. 

Each student in year 8 has now studied their instrument for a year. They have made excellent progress and are now playing in the Mount Carmel Orchestra. The students have performed at several concerts in the last year, including a prestigious concert at the Barbican.

It is an expectation that the year 8 students will attend Orchestra rehearsals regularly and that they will take part in concerts.

Choir is an optional extracurricular activity but I hope to see lots of year 8 students choosing to attend this on a Friday afternoon.

1 to 1 lessons are available on piano, drums; guitar and bass guitar for a small fee (speak to Ms McDaid if you are interested in this option).


YEAR 9 - Music lessons in year 9 are very practical with an emphasis on making music. Students learn the elements of music and basic notation but focus mainly on keyboard skills and singing.
Students will have the opportunity to develop their composing, performance and listening skills through different styles of music.


Lunchtime clubs: Keyboard Club, general Music Club, Choir and Band Rehearsals.

We have a wonderful choir at Mount Carmel with over 70 students attending regularly. We meet at least once a week after school, although coming up to performances there are always extra rehearsals. 2015 has been an incredibly busy year for the girls in the choir. They have performed for all the school Masses and many assemblies as well as fundraising events for Marie Curie. An annual trip is organised to thank the girls for their commitment to the music department; last year we went bowling at East Finchley.

Other clubs may be run depending on concert requirements at different times of the year.


Curriculum Enrichment

There is an Arts Evening once a year and a Carol Concert at Christmas. There are other opportunities during the college year for performing in assemblies, services and other concerts. There is a biannual musical in collaboration with the Drama and Art Departments.


Instrumental Lessons

For individual instrumental lessons priority is given to GCSE students although we cater for many keystage 3 students on a first come first serve basis. The College currently offers piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, singing and woodwind lessons. Please inform Ms McDaid, as soon as possible, if you wish to have lessons.