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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Modern Foreign Languages



Spanish or French is taught to all students at key stage 3. Work is based around speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish and French.

We consider learning languages as a highly academic subject and also a life skill that opens up many opportunities for students.

Pupils are firstly taught how to communicate basic information about themselves, including expressing and justifying their opinions, and then about other people.

The ability to discuss past and future events then becomes a focus. The ability to communicate with their peers and with teachers is exploited in every lesson.

At key stage 3 students will follow either the ‘Expo’ course for French or the ‘Mira’ course for Spanish and cover the following topics:

Year 7

  • Personal introductions and family
  • Accommodation
  • Pets and colours
  • Hobbies
  • House and home town
  • Daily routine
  • French/Spanish speaking world

Year 8

  • Leisure Activities
  • Personal Activities - i.e. more Free-time activities, basic Daily routines, pocket money, Part time jobs etc.
  • School (includes Future tense)
  • Holidays( includes Past tense)
  • Describing people, describing the weather
  • Food & Drink (includes all appropriate forms of address)

Year 9

  • Family & Friends
  • General Interests – Leisure Activities
  • Hometown (includes finding the way, places of interests, buildings, shops etc.)
  • A Journey
  • Services e.g. Lost Property, Doctor’s, Post Office and Banks
  • Food & Drink
  • Clothes

We are also fortunate to have a Spanish and French assistant to help the students with their oral work. Students are encouraged to have pen friends and any activity related to their learning of Spanish/French and about Spanish/French speaking countries, their people and way of life. We have set up an “eTwinning” project with Spain and France to support this.


Homework is absolutely vital to your daughter’s progress in this subject and must be done conscientiously. One piece of homework is set per week. All books are marked on a regular basis according to Department Marking Policy and are returned to the students by the next lesson.


Curriculum Enrichment

The Department encourages reading and has access to a wide variety of books. The Library also has an increasing stock of easy read books and magazines.

Every two years there is a trip to Spain or France.