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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

MATHS Key Stage 3 (KS3)



Students are set into ability groups and are taught in line with the Key Stage 3 Framework for Teaching Mathematics. This includes mental arithmetic, number, algebra, measure, shape and space, data handling and problem solving. Resources are drawn from a wide variety and include textbooks, worksheets and ICT activities. Each Maths room is also equipped with an interactive whiteboard and accompanying software. There is also a set of dedicated maths laptops computers which can be brought into classes. These are used on a regular basis.


Homework is given twice a week. Each piece of homework should take half an hour to complete. Sometimes there will be one, longer homework given instead.


There is a weekly Maths Club held on Monday lunch times and Tuesday after school for students to catch up or complete their homework, to get help with any topics they have found challenging or to do extra work.

Recommended Text

For class work students will be provided with resources, including textbooks at the appropriate level. Homework is set from either the ActiveLearn website to which we subscribe, or worksheets may be given. If you wish to purchase additional texts, see your daughter’s teacher.

Each student will need her own calculator (preferably a scientific one), compass and angle measurer.