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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

ICT/Computing Key Stage 3


YEAR 7 - ICT changed to Computing in September 2014. Our new curriculum aims to provide year 7 learners with the relevant knowledge and skills in ICT and to help students to use ICT tools and information sources efficiently and effectively. Students are taught to become independent users of a wide range of software, including word processors, databases, and spreadsheets. This includes developing computational thinking skills needed to express and develop their ideas digitally. Through the use of text based and visual based programming, students will gain an insight into the fundamental principles of computer science.  

YEAR 8 & 9 - All students in Key Stage 3 will have a double lesson of ICT every fortnight. Students learn a range of skills enabling them to efficiently use application programs.
These include:

  • Creating a presentation
  • Using data and information sources
  • Making a leaflet
  • Modelling and presenting numeric data
  • Data handling
  • Control and monitoring
  • Programming

At the end of each half term student will complete an assignment and their levels will be assessed.



ICT homework will be set Via Sam Learning. This enables students to access their homework online from home.

Curriculum Enrichment

An Animation Club will be held every Wednesday at lunchtime. Students will be able to develop their animation skills. Students will use Scratch to create a short animation. Scratch is free animation software that allows students to use basic programming language to create and animated script.