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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Geography KS3





At the start of Year 7 all students complete an Induction unit. This unit builds key geographical and map skills which are incorporated into all the geography schemes of work. Following this they will undertake a scheme of work ‘Exploring the UK’ which covers the geography of the UK and migration. This topic is assessed with an ICT based task planning a 5 day tour of the UK. The third topic of the year is ‘Rivers and flooding’ where pupils will explore the journey of a river and case studies of flooding both in the UK and abroad. Finally the year will finish with a unit on Africa, exploring both Physical and Human geographies in this vast continent.



In year 8 we start with a unit on Population looking at the changes in population around the world. Next we move on to study Urbanisation. After Christmas we study weather and climate systems which leads on to a unit on Climate Change. In the final term we look at coastal erosion and management and end the year with a project on Asia.


In year 9 Geography we cover units which will lay the foundations to several modules covered at GCSE. Firstly Restless Earth focuses on natural disasters around the world such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami’s. This is followed by Tourism and finally Population and Migration. In year 9 there is also an opportunity for your daughter to attend a trip to the Royal Geographical Society for a day of workshops with their Geography Ambassadors. This aims to help with the progression to GCSE and highlight the worth of studying geography to young people.


Homework consists of a range of different types e.g. individual independent learning – library research, writing up extension work from lessons, revision for tests, project work. Students receive one homework per fortnight. Homework is marked fortnightly.

Curriculum Enrichment

A Key stage 3 Geography club will be held once a week at lunchtime, we will explore ‘Geography in the News’.

Field trips include a local area trip and Summer term trips to Trafalgar Square and Kew Gardens.

Post 16 and Careers

Geography is a diverse and academic subject which teaches skills as well as knowledge. Therefore it lends its self well to several career paths. Some popular ones are: Geologist, Civil Servant, Transport services, Town planning, Conservation, Environmental officer, Meteorologist, Surveyor, HR, Finance and Charity Sector and aid work