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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Design and Technology Key Stage 3

Curriculum Year 7

Students are divided into mixed Design and Technology groups, class sizes are smaller than standard for health and safety reasons. Students in Year 7 visit four different material areas.

The different areas of Design and Technology include:

  • Product Design – CAD & CAM: Working with computers & computer controlled machines.
  • Textiles: Working with and investigating different fabrics and materials, construction, printing and surface decoration
  • Food Technology – Gaining knowledge and skills in food and nutrition.

All completed project work will be allocated a National Curriculum level and a target for improvement.


Year 8 Projects

Throughout year 8 pupils will be completing projects in three separate material areas working within set themes, the aim is to further development the skills gained in year 7 and build on them to allow for greater confidence accuracy when using equipment, tools and machines to produce quality products.

Food TechnologySourcing FoodSustainableDevelopment of food and nutrition knowledge and skills, increase confidence in selection of food and nutrition
Product DesignCompact MirrorPatternCharacteristics and properties of materials, how they can be manufactured and the different techniques
TextilesDoor StopBritish BirdsExisting product already available used to help and assist in the designing and creation of similar but handmade products


Year 9 Projects

In year 9 pupils will complete three separate projects in different material areas closely related to GCSE option choices the aim is to further development skills and confidence when using equipment, tools and machines to manufacture quality individual products.

 Area Project Theme Focus
Product Design JewelleryMemphisKnowledge and understanding of a number of different techniques and application for a range of materials
Textiles ApronCustomisation Further development of construction skills and the use of the sewing machine. The introduction of scale patterns and garment production
Food Technology Food SelectionCulturalDevelopment of food and nutrition knowledge and skills, increase confidence in selection of food and nutrition



Homework is set weekly and includes research, investigation, designing and development. Individual pieces of homework will be given a written comment and targets for improvement.

Curriculum Enrichment

Students are encouraged to take part in after college activities such as Cookery Club, Textiles clubs and Workshop sessions.

Essential Materials

Graphics equipment: ruler 30cm, pencil, rubber, compass, a set of good quality colouring pencils (felt tip pens are not used in Design and Technology) and a fineliner pen.