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Mount Carmel - College for Girls




These rules should be read in conjunction with the Behaviour for Learning Policy, the Exclusion Policy, the College Uniform Code and the Anti-bullying Policy.



a)     The College day starts at 08.45 am, warning pips go at 08.40am and students must be in their form room by this time. Students arriving after 08.45am will be recorded as ‘late’ by their tutors.

b)    Students arriving late, after registration, are to sign in on the late list in the general office.

c)     All students who are marked as late in the register are required to do a ½ hour late detention with their Head of Year on the day that they were late.

d)    Students who are late more than once in a week will be required to do a 1 hour detention on Friday at 3.10pm.

e)     Students may not leave the premises during the day without permission. If students have a medical appointment they must show their appointment card or note from home to their form tutor at morning registration and to the staff in the general office before they sign out. Students must obtain an authorised absence pass from the general office before they leave the premises, as they may be asked to show this pass to the police when they are off site and will be returned to the College if they do not have one.

f)     Permits to leave the premises at lunchtime will only be issued after a parental interview with the Principal.



a)     If a student is going to be absent from College Parents/Carers are requested to telephone the College office by 07.30am. Should the College not receive a telephone call a text will be sent to the principal mobile phone number on the students record to inform of the students absence and request contact.

b)    On their return to College students should bring a note from home to explain the absence.

c)     Holidays can not be authorised by the Principal during term time. All medical appointments should be scheduled outside College hours if possible.



a)     Students should arrive promptly to lessons. If they have been delayed by a teacher the student should bring a note from that teacher.

b)     Students should wait in a quiet and orderly manner outside the class until the teacher arrives or they can enter providing they have permission from a member of staff.

c)     Students must comply with the seating plan set by the teacher and should not leave their seat without permission.

d)     Students must comply with the expectations/rules set out by all members of staff.

e)     Students should not eat or drink during lessons. Chewing gum is forbidden at all times. Drinking water is permitted if permission has been given by the teacher.

f)      The College blazer must be worn at all times unless a decision has been made by the Principal to the contrary. Outdoor jackets, coats and scarves may not be worn during lessons.

g)     Students should address members of staff as ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’.

h)     Students are expected to use the toilet before College, during break or lunchtime. The teacher will not normally allow students to leave the class for any reason, unless the teacher considers it is an emergency or a toilet permit has been issued by the Head of Year for a medical reason.



a)     Students must move around the building appropriately and sensibly.

b)     At morning break, students should be in the playground or in the hall.

c)     At lunchtime students are to be in the playground or in the hall.

d)     Students can use their form rooms at lunchtime from October to March and outside these months in the case of wet weather. Form rooms must be kept neat and tidy and students are only permitted to be in their own form class.

e)     Students must line up in an orderly fashion before they will be allowed into the hall for lunch.

f)      All food and drink must be consumed in the hall and nowhere else i.e. not in the corridors or classrooms and rubbish must be put in the bins provided.



Students must wear College uniform according to the College Uniform Code at all times when College is in session, and also when travelling between College and home.



a)     Students are forbidden to bring large sums of money or valuable items to College, including mobile phones, mp3 players. If seen or heard such items will be confiscated, entered in the log book in the office and retained until the end of term or until a Parent/Carer collects them.

b)     Refusal to hand over items for confiscation may result in exclusion.

c)     The governors cannot accept any responsibility for any valuables lost by or stolen from students during the course of the day.



a)     Each student is to have a substantial school bag (not a carrier bag) in which to carry her books, equipment and personal possessions.

b)     It is the responsibility of all students to provide the necessary pens, pencils, ruler (which should all be kept in a pencil case) and any other equipment needed for each lesson. A calculator is essential.



The planner must be completed at each lesson where homework is due to be set, signed each weekend by the parent/carer and signed by the Form Tutor the following week.



a)     Students who are unwell should report to their class teacher during lessons or Head of Year. Their teacher will decide whether they should report to the general office.

b)     No student should leave the premises because of sickness unless their Head of Year or the office staff have contacted the parent/carer.



a)     If a student needs to take medication in College, they should bring a letter from their parent/carer stating when it needs to be taken. Medicines must be left at the College office.

b)     The only exception is for inhalers for students who have asthma.

c)     Students must not ask the College to provide them with aspirin or other tablets as the College is not allowed to give out medicines.



Smoking is strictly forbidden both on the premises and to and from College and will result in fixed exclusion.



a)     Students must not bring fireworks or weapons of any kind into College.

b)     possession or use of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance is strictly forbidden.

c)     Any breach of this rule may lead to a permanent exclusion.



Students are expected to behave politely and with consideration whilst in College. Any physical fighting in or outside College will lead to a fixed term exclusion and in serious cases may lead to permanent exclusion. The College will not accept provocation or retaliation as an excuse for this type of behaviour.



Students should wear full College uniform to and from College. Students represent the College at these times and are expected to behave in a responsible, appropriate manner. Any student who brings the College name into disrepute will be punished.