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Mount Carmel - College for Girls

Mount Carmel in the Community

We place great emphasis on developing links within the community. In recent years we have been involved in the following projects -

Global Generation

Global Generation is a project which, Mount Carmel students are heavily involved with.  They are dedicated to giving young people opportunities to play a part in creating a sustainable future. They support young people to generate change with the aim to increase awareness of self, community and the natural environment and instils young people with the confidence to generate change in the business and local community. 

Some  of our students are being trained through leadership and accredited vocational programmes (BTEC Business and Horticulture) to become social innovators. The projects show that everyone can make a positive contribution to their future, wherever and whoever they are.

The Global Generators have invited students and parents to visit the Skip Garden, near the King's Cross development site and get involved in growing food, growing perspectives and growing community.

The Skip Garden is a portable productive organic food growing site created out of waste materials from the King's Cross construction site and built through the work of many hands, young people and local business employees.

Cheverton Lodge

PICT0066Mount Carmel students have been volunteering at the Cheverton Lodge, a residental care home facility since 2008. Since then we have hosted an annual Christmas Party where the residents have a Christmas Dinner, sing carols and receive presents.

Students have also been volunteering after school, engaging with residents in such activities as karaoke, reading, games and general conversations learning about their history. Approximately 100-150 students volunteer with the Cheverton Lodge every school year.   

London Citizens

Mount Carmel School has been a member of North London Citizens since 2011. London Citizens' goal is to build the power of communities who work together for the common good. They are currently campaigning locally for a better living wage, affordable accommodation and safer streets.

As part of the Safer Streets campaign the students have received pledges from the local Archway Community. This pledging involved talking to people from our local community and asking them to pledge their support to the campaign.
The aim of Safer Streets is to create safe havens in the Archway area which, will be places where if a young person is feeling threatened or vulnerable can provide appropriate support and protection.

Through collaboration with London Citizens students were also able to attend the Mayoral Assembly at Westminster Central Hall, where they were able to listen to the Mayoral Candidates and ask questions.

Youth Council

The Youth Council help influence Islington Council when they make decisions about issues that affect young people in the local area. 

On Wednesday 27th November the Youth Council elections will take place and a polling station will be on site. Students will be bought down a class at a time to vote lessons througout the day. The students that can be voted for are listed below:

Nahima Choudhury 10RP
Mehret Zelam 11RP
Carmel Samuals 11RP
Christiane Pangula 11RP
Tyla Crowley 11AF
Shanaz Shaw 11EB
Elizabeth Adesyna 11MA